Attack of the Clones Minute 84: It's a Body, Beru

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March 9th, 2017


ANAKIN rides the speeder bike toward the homestead. SHMI’S BODY is tied to it.


Paul Scheer



  • Starts with Artoo being told to retransmit a message to Coruscant, and ends with Padmé being told that the shifter broke.


  • The madness of doing a daily podcast.
  • Still nobody is acting with anybody; finally we have a group of actors together but no one's talking.
  • Shmi is wrapped in a Shmeet.
  • Anakin brings his mother's corpse home and then just leaves her somewhere (it's implied that time has passed). Why didn't he just bury her himself out in the desert.
  • Beru looks on in utter confusion as if she has no idea what that thing in the wrap is.

Meta Minute

  • 21:30 podcast episode length.



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