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Common Section Heading Links

[[Inside_References_and_Running_Jokes#Sorry_Pete|"Sorry Pete"]]
[[Toy talk|people hate toy talk]]
[[SWM-Canon#"The Force" does not exist|The Force does not exist]]
[[Drinking Game]]
[[Inside_References_and_Running_Jokes#CG_robots_stepping_in_poop|CG robots stepping in poop]]
[[SWM-Canon#Chewbacca's Life Debt|Chewbacca getting out of his life debt]]
[[Inside_References_and_Running_Jokes#Listener_projects|listener project]]
[[Support the Show]]
[[What does it smell like?]]
[[SWM-Canon#Holiday_Special_.281978.29|The Holiday Special]]
[[Inside_References_and_Running_Jokes#You_can_cut_that_out|"You can cut that out"]]
[[Inside_References_and_Running_Jokes#Alex.27s_pet_peeve|Alex's pet peeve]]