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All episodes can be downloaded by hand on the respective blog entry, but since The Phantom Menace, automating this process (Using some kind of bulk downloader or a script) has gotten difficult.

The main difficulty is getting through Cloudflare, due to the fact that each Cloudflare link can only be used once.

The easiest way I found is using the RSS feed (in XML format) and a regular expression to get a list of all the links to all the episodes. So here they are (In episode order):

Star Wars

The Empire Strikes Back

Return Of The Jedi

Phantom Menace

Bonus Episodes

  • The Ink Banthas Holiday Special:

  • A Very Special Star Wars Minute Star Wars Holiday Special Special Live!:
  • Deep Blue Sea Minute 57: You Should See Ice
  • Star Wars Minute Programming Note
  • Summer Update #1:
  • Star Wars Minute: LIVE! in L.A.:
  • Doug Benson on Episode VII;
  • Dan Whitley Interview:
  • Spaceballs Minute 63: Space Office
  • Pre-Prequel Special 1: The Naboo Movie Trailer
  • Pre-Prequel Special 2: The Interview
  • Ewok: A Live Adventure!

  • Never Say Never Again Minute 95: Disco Closet
  • Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition #34
  • SW Special Edition Minute 54: Boogie
  • SW Special Edition Minute 44: Rachios