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This list describes how to put guests into categories based on what movie(s) they discussed and if they were part of any other guest categories. For a list of episode categories, see Help:Episode Categories.

Category Name Syntax in use
(used for all guests)
Star Wars guests [[Category:Star Wars guests]]
Empire guests [[Category:Empire guests]]
Jedi guests [[Category:Jedi guests]]
Naboo Movie guests [[Category:Naboo Movie guests]]
Clones guests [[Category:Clones guests]]
Sith guests [[Category:Sith guests]]
Force Awakens guests [[Category:Force Awakens guests]]
Rouge One guests
(Inside joke, not a typo)
[[Category:Rouge One guests]]
Weekend Edition guests
(Used for all guests of episodes on the Weekend Edition feed)
[[Category:Weekend Edition guests]]
All-Star guests [[Category:All-Star guests]]
Works at Marvel [[Category:Works at Marvel]]

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