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John is from north of Manhattan and has also been on "Nerd Geek Dork". When he’s not warning his crew of an imminent explosion, John enjoys playing music, writing software, and a nice cup of tea. Ay up!

Don't let the jumble of consonants in his name fool you—it's pronounced like "Scrip-eck".

Rank the Star Wars Movies

Phantom Menace Number

Once. And he didn't see AOTC in theaters.

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Total Airtime
5 hours, 21 minutes, 6 seconds
Average Episode Length
22 minutes, 56 seconds
Longest Episode
Attack of the Clones Minute 125: Jogging with the Saber (26 minutes, 56 seconds)
Shortest Episode
Empire Minute 108: Snarky Backpack (17 minutes, 15 seconds)
This information complete as of the AOTC–ROTS Hiatus

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