Phantom Menace Minute 54: Even the Biggest Idiot

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February 4th, 2016


Watto tosses the cube down. Qui-Gon lifts his hand slightly; it turns blue. Qui-Gon smiles. Watto is angry.


Joseph Scrimshaw




  • Resistance to Mind Trick discussed further
  • Slave economy of Tatooine discussed
    • One pod for one slave is a fair deal, but no pod is worth two slaves
  • Repeated call for the nonfiction of the Star Wars universe
  • Jedi accents

Meta Minute

  • 24:44 podcast episode length.
  • Although no longer canon, there was a Hutt that wielded a lightsaber. After he turned to the dark side he was slain by Leia Organa in a lightsaber duel.


  • Alex: How much Wupis you make?
  • Joseph: (As Yoda) My thing, that is. Take it, you will not.
  • Joseph: Space fart horse
  • Joseph: He's just like sad Santa in a robe.


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