Phantom Menace Minute 71: Do The Jabba

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February 29th, 2016


Jar Jar gives Anakin a great hug, then Padmé gives him a hug, then Shmi.


Jordan White



  • C.G.I. Jabba woken up by practical effects Bib Fortuna .
  • Final appearance of Jabba, Gardulla, and Bib in this film.
  • Clunker line "You have brought hope to those who have none" heard.
  • Wald and Eopie slapstick.
  • "Payoff" of grieving Tyerell family subplot .


  • Discussion of CGI Jabba appearances and quality.
  • Sleeping Jabba - some kind of meta commentary?
  • Clunker lines might sound better delivered by Alec Guinness.
  • Did Watto know that Qui-Guy is a Jedi, and if so why did he bet?
  • Referenced: T.G.I. Friday's restaurant, Jordan's previous appearance (and stoned Jabba), Poltergeist, A New Hope vs. Star Wars.
  • Mentioned: Star Wars Episode I racer game, Gasgano, Don't call them Sand People.

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