SW Special Edition Minute 44: Rachios

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September 8th, 2016


The landspeeder zooms in to the spaceport of Mos Eisley, scattering small scurriers who jump to get out of the way.


Ralph Attanasia




  • Mentioned: Long time, M*A*S*H, Shadows of the Empire, hating the toy talk
  • Referenced: Alphabeatical and Alex's Liverpudlian accent, Arthur Dent from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Discussion of differing layers of canon
    • Things like Admiral Thrawn moving from C-Canon to G-Canon
  • Visual effects
    • Recycled modified models from Jurassic Park
  • Tatooine wildlife
    • Rontos, how they got their names, their ecology and physiology
    • Dewbacks, Banthas, and Krayt dragons are all giant - what are they eating?
  • Ralph tells us how he became a Jedi
  • Callback to the first Ewok movie
  • The crashed Hutt ship Dowager Queen and Mos Eisley history
  • Do moisture farmers farm crops? Or do they actually just harvest the moisture to sell?

Meta Minute

  • 44:22 podcast episode length
  • Plug for www.starwarsminute.com/cruise
  • This is the second minute covered during the TPM - AotC hiatus. The first was SW Special Edition Minute 54: Boogie
  • We do see Rontos "again"—in the Naboo Movie.
  • Although Brontosaurus is indeed back, Pluto is still not a planet.
    • For an quick and enjoyable explanation of how paleontological naming works (using our pal Brontosaurus as an example), check this cool web comic
  • We do actually see Gonk droids in the non-special edition.
  • Pete and Alex also display their ignorance of nautical terminology in ESB 109.


  • Alex: (on this minute of the Special Edition) "Well it's not all crap."
  • Pete: (À la Tag Team) "Swoops, there it is."
  • Ralph: "Do we ever see Rontos again?" Pete: "In... my nightmares"
  • Alex: "Scurriers and the Ronto... detectives." Pete: "You're crazy DiRonto!"
  • Ralph: "Yeah Brontosaurus is back, it's great."
  • Ralph: "I was doing a big muscle chest motion—" Pete: "More so than usual"
  • Ralph: (on Wioslea) "Her head is like a potato and a fetus had a baby."
  • Ralph: (on the physiology of the Dewback, sarcastically) "'...that's absolutely enough water for a huge macrocephalid varanid like me. I can totally live off this. Now excuse me, I'm going to go do whatever a lizard the size of a Buick does in the desert.' No. I don't want– Guys, I hate Star Wars now." Alex: "Ralph come back!"
  • Alex: <non-determinant accent>
  • Alex: "You keep my Kit Fisto out of this."



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