Star Wars Minute 12: Over Here!

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Minute 12 of Star Wars: C-3PO hitches a ride, and R2-D2 takes a stroll through a scary valley.


Chris Radtke



Topics discussed:

  • Arguing droids and robot nipples
  • Are the Jawas able to detect the droids or do they stumble on them?
  • Tatooine filming locations
  • Calling out "Help! Over here!" in public isn't the brightest way to get your friend's attention

Meta Minute

Tatooine desert scenes were filmed in both Tunisia and Death Valley National Park in the US: Wikipedia List of Star Wars Filming Locations


Chris: This is a minute filled with just droid, robot loneliness. And it's a minute that makes you think about fighting with your friends and how awful it can be.


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