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Minute 8 of Star Wars: Droids enter the escape pod and blast into space. Princess Leia is interrogated by Darth Vader.


Tony Consiglio



Topics discussed

  • C-3PO's comment "The damage doesn't look so bad from out here" is peculiar
  • Why do the Imperials restrain themselves from firing on the escape pod?


In earlier drafts of Star Wars C-3PO and R2-D2 begin as imperial droids on the Death Star. During a battle between the space station and attacking star-fighters, led by General Skywalker, the two droids escape the space station. As it travels past enemy fighters, one star-fighter comments, "Object approaching. Attack bearing..." Another star-fighter calls off targeting the droids, noting "It's a life-pod. Let it go." This is also depicted in the graphic novel The Star Wars by JW Rinzler.




The Star Wars July, 1974

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