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Stuart Wellington was born in Indiana, USA to Mark and Shelley Wellington. He did poorly in grammar school and went on to an undistinguished career at Earlham College. One day everything changed. He found a magical amulet in an old trunk that was once owned by his great grandfather. It turns out that Stuart is the last remaining member of an ancient royal family of some nonsense fantasy world. Only he can set right what is wrong, and cast the Dark One back into the Abyss. Instead, he is going to spend his time watching bad movies and eating hamburgers. He is a co-host of the Flophouse podcast. End...?

Rank the Star Wars Movies

Phantom Menace Number

4 or 5

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Total Airtime
7 hours, 35 minutes, 2 seconds
Average Episode Length
22 minutes, 45 seconds
Longest Episode
Phantom Menace Minute 129: Space Dirtbag (29 minutes, 10 seconds)
Shortest Episode
Empire Minute 72: Magic Tinkle (14 minutes, 41 seconds)
This information complete as of the AOTC–ROTS Hiatus

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