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These are guests who have made at least three separate appearances on the show. The term 'trifecta' comes from horse racing, where the person betting must pick the horses that come in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in the correct order. The way the term is used by the hosts is to refer to any set of three or more.

List of Guests (in order of appearance)

  1. Tony Consiglio
  2. Chris Radtke
  3. Josh Flanagan
  4. Mike Dawson
  5. Ryan Haupt
  6. Doug Benson
  7. Adam Santiago
  8. Songe Riddle
  9. Tony Thaxton
  10. Joe Dator
  11. Tim Kreider
  12. Mike Norton
  13. John Kovalic
  14. Rachael Noel Fox
  15. Asterios Kokkinos
  16. Dan McCoy
  17. Stuart Wellington
  18. Joseph Scrimshaw
  19. Ella Moran & Kristen Siebecker
  20. Meredith Woerner
  21. John Skrzypek
  22. Kevin Maher
  23. Ron Richards
  24. Chris Eliopoulos
  25. Jordan D. White
  26. Dan Telfer
  27. Jenny Jaffe
  28. Crystal Beth
  29. Matt Gourley
  30. Paul Rust
  31. Paul Scheer
  32. Matt Belknap
  33. Greg Wyshynski
  34. Ralph Attanasia
  35. Jacob Sirof
  36. Kelly Anneken
  37. Riley Silverman
  38. Chrysanthe Tan

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