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Adal Rifai is an improviser, podcaster, producer and writer in Chicago. Adal is the Director of Corporate Training at iO Theater where he also performs with the weekly show Whirled News Tonight. He is an adjunct lecturer at University of Illinois at Chicago where he teaches the improv curriculum he created for their theater department and he has taught improv at The School at Steppenwolf program.

As a podcaster Adal is the creator and host of Hey Riddle Riddle and plays Chunt on the podcast Hello From the Magic Tavern; having also appeared on podcasts such as Comedy Bang Bang, Hollywood Handbook, Off-Book, If I Were You, Improv 4 Humans, High & Mighty, Mission To Zyxx, How Did This Get Played, Voyage To The Stars and The McElroy Brothers Will Be in Trolls: World Tour.

In addition to podcasting he also is the host of the JackBox game Guesspionage. He has studied and performed improv for almost two decades and has created and lead improv workshops on three continents for hundreds of clients including Apple, Google, Delta, Facebook, Mercedes-Benz and Boeing.

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