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Since very early in the history of the podcast, it has been the goal and unofficial motto of THE STAR WARS MINUTE to "analyze, scrutinize, and celebrate" each and every Star Wars movie. However, saying this every episode can get kind of boring, and the hosts try to change it up every so often. At first the "celebrate" part was irregularly replaced with another word, but now one of the hosts (usually Pete) will come up with a new word that ends in "-ize" every other Friday. Below is a list of the various endings to the SWM motto and where in the podcast they appear. This list is incomplete, so please help us fill it in!

New "-ize"

Analyze, scrutinize, and... Minute
Carbonize ESB 3
Winterize ESB 4
Bette Davis Eyes ESB 10
Incentivize ESB 12
Behind Blue Eyes ESB 20
RIGHT between the eyes ESB 30
Pulverize ESB 40
Banana cream pies ESB 50
Capsize ESB 60
Judge me by my size ESB 70
"Lobotomoize" ESB 80
Agonize ESB 90
Lobot's side-eyes ESB 100
Cauterize ESB 110
Finalize ESB 120
Watery eyes ESB 125
"He's no Jedis" ROTJ 10
"Look I so old to young eyes" ROTJ 40
Finally dies ROTJ 45
Bothan Spies ROTJ 50
Ink Panther-ize ROTJ 60
"...lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes." ROTJ 70
Emperor "Wee Wee Eyes" ROTJ 90
Talk to our wives ROTJ 110
"Just for once, let me look on you with my own eyes" ROTJ 120
Special effects supervise ROTJ 130
Missing Jedis TPM 20
"Grabben dat Jedis" TPM 30
Reattach C-3PO's eyes TPM 40
Here, use this power supplies TPM 50
"They're side by sides" TPM 70
Something to remember me by's TPM 80
Anakin will become a Jedis TPM 90
Obi-Wan's much more wise TPM 100
Watch the droid army rise TPM 110
Qui-Gon dies TPM 120
Finalize <again> TPM 130
Captain Typho's eyes AOTC 10
Fall from the skies AOTC 20
The bus arrives AOTC 30
"FORbidden" for Jedis AOTC 40
Bad CG-ize AOTC 50
Staring at the sunrise with closed eyes AOTC 60
"This is why I hate to 'flies'" AOTC 70
Shmi dies AOTC 80
The first time C-3PO flies AOTC 90

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