Attack of the Clones Minute 9: Diplodiaclect

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November 24th, 2016


Jar Jar walks into the corridor, where two Jedi are exiting the elevator.


Tony Consiglio



  • Padmé's "My goodness you've grown" line.
  • Anakin is definitely in the "Friend Zone" in this scene.


  • Originally, Jar Jar was written speaking in <sic> "Diplodiaclect" rather than his normal voice. They filmed the whole movie like this but George didn't think it was funny.
Excerpt from this scene.
  • Was this in response to the post-Jar Jar backlash?
  • You could make this funnier by playing on the audience's dislike by having him constantly leaving the scene.
    • Then bundle the bonus footage of what he does when he's alone on the Blu-ray. Jar Jar might actually work if isolated in this context.
  • Anakin: is he written to be awkward, or was this an acting choice? or totally accidental? He gives off a very "predatory" vibe.
    • awkwardness+darkness=predator
      • Referenced: The Predator film series.
  • In Pete's opinion, the dialogue is not bad on paper.
    • Callback to one of the running themes from TPM - you could make a good movie (in the right hands) without changing the script.
  • The scene is awkward, but uncomfortably rather than amusingly so.
  • George Lucas is not known for dialogue or relationships.
  • Captain Typho's missing eye
    • Lost during the Battle of Naboo.
    • All injuries were unrelated to combat.
    • Do they make cybernetic eyes (see below)? Why hasn't Typho gotten one?
    • Referenced: Thanks, Obama!
  • Referenced: General Chang (Christopher Plummer) from Star Trek VI.
  • Based on Anakin and Obi-Wan's relationship in the Prequels, it doesn't seem like they were good friends.
    • But Obi-Wan seems to have revised this in his memory. Maybe he doesn't remember a lot of things from that time period.
 Tony shares his Attack of the Clones memory
  He saw it with his wife and brother-in-law
  The brother ruined it for him by running the movie down.
  After seeing it again at home, he realized his brother-in-law might be right (of course he would never tell him that).
 Alex adds a memory about the time that Tony and he were toy shopping
  After filling a cart full of AOTC toys, he realized he didn't want to buy any of them.
  This is when he stopped buying Star Wars toys.
  Tony still bought his toys, but regretted it immediately.
  Mentioned: You'll be dead!

Meta Minute

  • 23:49 podcast episode length.
  • Callback to Hayden Christensen's filmography (discussed yesterday).
  • Speaking of a Jar Jar Short film, check out this video of Jar Jar as a Buster Keaton-esque silent film star.
  • "I Borg" is the name of an episode of Star Trek.
  • They do make cybernetic eyes in Star Wars. Clone Commander Wolffe had a cybernetic right eye resulting from a duel with Asajj Ventress[1].
  • Andy Warhol had been bald since he was a young man, and may have suffered from Alopecia.


  • Alex: Speaking of awkward uncomfortable things...
  • Tony: "How'd you lose your eye?" (as a Typho reminiscent of Wilford Brimley) "Diabetes."
  • Tony: Thanks, "Dar Wac-care".
  • Alex: (as Obi-Wan to Luke) Your father had tail fins that were...glorious. Pete: (also as Obi-Wan) Luke, your father had beautiful green tentacles and was always wait, no that was Kit Fisto.
  • Alex: Anakin... Anakin, the one with the neck?
  • Pete: I think in that story, I'm your brother-in-law.
  • Pete: You brother-in-law is Rick McCallum. Alex: He ruined the movie by making it.


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