Attack of the Clones Minute 92: Dooku's Latch

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March 21st, 2017




Chrysanthe Tan



  • Starts with Count Dooku entering the chamber where Obi-Wan is being held and ends with him (Dooku) wishing that Qui-Gon were still alive.


  • Pete having the deaths of major characters spoiled for him.
  • Chrysanthe listening to the Phantom Menace soundtrack on repeat.
  • Obi-Wan's energy shackles.
    • Callback: in an earlier draft of the script for Star Wars, Luke was held in very similar restraints by the Native Tatooiners (see Minute 30). Lucas recycling unused ideas.
  • The texture of this scene.
  • This scene actually has two good actors getting to talk to one another. Callback to the Separatist cabinet meeting with of people who weren't there.
    • Christopher Lee/Dooku is intentionally bad acting.
  • Flash forward: Traitor!
  • Ring Theory: around this minute in ESB is when our heroes are captured on Cloud City.
  • Dooku plays the "Qui-Gon" card.
    • This is the first time we learn about the relationship between Qui-Gon and Dooku and thus with Obi-Wan.
    • Dooku is famous. He's one of the Lost Twenty.
  • For Chrysanthe, Obi-Wan is the definitive Ewan Mcgregor role, and it's weird seeing him in other movies.
  • The design aesthetic of the floor in stark contrast with the walls of this room.
  • George Lucas' pronunciation of 'Dooku' (note: see below). Alex mispronouncing "Zam Wesell".
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Meta Minute

  • 21:22 podcast episode length.
  • Infamously, Pete had the death of Han Solo spoiled for him mere hours before seeing The Force Awakens.
  • You can buy a replica Dooku cape clasp on Etsy.
  • You guys! The territory belonging to a count or a countess is called a county.
    • Fun fact: in the British Isles, counts are called 'earls' from the Viking word 'Jarl', but their wives are still called countesses and their territories are still called counties because there are no equivalent words in English.
  • The name 'Dooku' comes from the Japanese word "doku", meaning 'poison'. In addition to this name, George Lucas has a habit of pronouncing plenty of other words differently in Star Wars, including "Gungans" and "lightsaber".


  • Pete: ...Now I have to buy the ".clom".
  • Chrysanthe: (on Dooku's latch) It's like, regal as hell.
  • Chrysanthe:...there are some people, that I don't know, but have a podcast, that pronounce [Zam Wesell] completely wrong.


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