Attack of the Clones Minute 108: Monsters and Midriffs

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April 12th, 2017


The cat-like creature reaches the top of the post and takes a swipe at Padmé.


Greg Wyshynski



  • Starts with a cat that's climbing up the post, and ends with Mr. Acklay screaming after knocking over a post.


  • The sexiness of this minute.
  • The minute hearkens back to classic space fantasy.
  • Reek trivia
    • Reeks are from the planet Ylesia.
    • General Grievous rides one in Clone Wars.
  • As a character, the Acklay is superior to the other monsters in every way.
  • Padmé fights the Nexu. Those shots are nicely coordinated between practical effects and CGI.
  • The Nexu rips off the midriff of Padmé's clothes.
    • This makes little sense, because the Nexu's claws catch her on the shoulder.
    • The scene goes back to the basics of pulp iconography, as on the early SW posters.
    • It is unclear if George Lucas wants this kind of imagery, or if he thinks that people want it.
  • The audience in the arena watches as if they don't really care what happens, much like at a hockey game.
  • Nute Gunray delivers the popular “…or something” line, but neglects to ask if it is legal.
  • Was the Petranaki Arena built for this purpose? How long has it been there?
    • The posts have to be replaced because they keep getting run over.
    • Why does it have walkways if Geonosians can simply fly anywhere?
  • Padmé appears much more action-oriented, having greater agency, in Attack of the Clones than in The Phantom Menace.

Meta Minute

  • 54:37 podcast episode length.
  • According to Alex, a lot of people seem to appreciate the relationship between Anakin and Padmé, despite it being considered one of the weaker parts of the movie.


  • Pete: Midriiiiff Minute.
  • Alex: The Force can have a lot of influence on the Reek-minded.


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