Attack of the Clones Minute 109: Animal Handling

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April 13th, 2017


Anakin yanks hard on the chain, turning the Reek, beginning to ride it.


John Kovalic



  • Starts with the Acklay screaming in rage in the Petranaki Arena, and ends with Padmé unchained.


  • This is the most gladiator-y moment of the movie.
  • Anakin riding the Reek is a rare example of Jedi mind control used on an animal.
  • Geonosians are given building assignments by their queen, such as building the Death Star, in order to keep them from fighting each other.
  • Geonosians hate the Kubaz because the latter eat insects.

Meta Minute

  • 38:15 podcast episode length.
  • The Nexu is also a character in the Imperial Assault game.
  • Rolling Stone Magazine ranks this as the 29th out of the 30 best scenes in all of Star Wars, just ahead of Staring at the French Horn. Number 1 is “I am your father”.


  • Pete: Meanwhile… in another place in the arena…


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