Attack of the Clones Minute 132: The Fightin' Dewbacks

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May 16th, 2017


Count Dooku's Interstellar Sail Ship glides through a deserted, burned-out part of Coruscant.


Stuart Wellington and Dan McCoy



  • Starts with Count Dooku, or his chauffeur, hoisting the main sail, and ends with Dooku approaching the down-and-dirty industrial zone of Coruscant.


  • Gentrification on Coruscant
  • Again, Yoda is a liar about the "size issue", as he moves his cane by merely glancing at it.
  • This minute is not as good as The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Highlights of Coruscant:
    • The Underworld: The bottom level with all the bounty hunters and scum
    • The Galactic Museum:
      • Founded in 12,000 BBY
      • There is a branch in CoCo Town, right next to the Dewback Inn
      • They give a fairly neutral depiction of history
    • The University of Coruscant
      • Founded in 15,550 BBY
      • During the Empire, only humans were allowed to attend
    • The Great Western Sea, the only body of water on Coruscant
  • The Flophouse crew covered this movie as well.

Meta Minute

  • 22:51 podcast episode length.


  • Stuart: The bad part of town: East Coruscant.
  • Alex: This part of town is known as "The Works". Stuart: It's got sour cream and avocado on it?
  • Stuart: I imagine the fish that live in that sea are snotty and think that they are better than fish in the... Dan: The fly-over fish.
  • Stuart: How's the youngling hunting [on Coruscant]?
  • Stuart: I think Endor is not bad, except for, once again, the locals. Alex: You would fit right in at the University of Coruscant!


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