Attack of the Clones Minute 17: G-g-g-g-g-g-g

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December 6, 2016


Obi-Wan falls fifty stories, until a speeder drops down next to him, and he manages to grab onto the back end of the speeder and haul himself toward the cockpit.

The whole island is one big city


Tom Taylor



  • A downer of a minute.
  • First time the word "swordsman" is used.


  • Pete does some math on Obi-Wan's fall.
    • He falls for 30 full seconds.
    • Assuming Earth-like gravity and atmosphere, Obi-Wan would fall 1138 feet after 10 seconds.
    • He would reach terminal velocity (120 mph) soon after that, and his total fall would be 1.4 km.
  • Is Obi-Wan using the Force in any capacity to slow his descent?
    • This could be an extreme sport—Force-diving.
  • So many things in this minute have to be explained away using the Force.
  • Obi-Wan's hair stays perfectly coiffed. Maybe that's what he was using all his Force power on because of his vanity.
  • Jake Lloyd-esque cut dialog.
  • The writing is trying hard to demonstrate that Anakin and Obi-Wan were friends through banter that is inappropriate for a high-speed chase.
    • Is this what Obi-Wan was thinking back to when he remembers Anakin was a "good friend"?
  • Someone should edit it so that Obi-Wan in Star Wars has a flashback to a montage of these sorts of scenes.
  • Referenced: SWM-Canon#Laser Swords
  • Foreshadowing: Yoda's lightsaber.
  • Mentioned: The Naboo Movie
  • Yoda as the high point, the standard against which all Jedi are compared (for everything)? It's a small universe.
  • Sound design is reminiscent of the podrace.
  • Shoutout to the great Ben Burtt.
  • Anakin's wit
    • He's far too whiny. Maybe someone else could deliver these lines better.
    • Up to now, Obi-Wan has been the witty one.
  • This should be an exciting space car chase, but it isn't.
  • Car chase clichés.
  • Referenced: Ric Olié.
  • Coruscant facts.
    • Asimov's concept of the Ecumenopolis.
    • Coruscant ecology.
    • Is there a giant furnace below them? Or just traffic?
  • Call 8-DAY-GREEDO.
  • Plug for Caddyshack Minute.

Meta Minute

  • 29:28 podcast episode length.
  • Indiana Jones Minute just wrapped up their coverage of Raiders the week before last.
  • Mentioned: Do I have to buy that?.
  • Coruscant is only a tiny bit smaller than the Earth, and assuming the average density of the planet is the same as ours, then it should have 96% Earth's gravity. Of course, Obi-Wan's weight (or more accurately, his mass) would have no impact on the speed at which he falls. That is more down to the force of air resistance.
  • Technically, the building that was known as the Sears Tower in Chicago, is now the Willis Tower, though people still commonly refer to it by its previous name.


  • Alex: Uh oh. No one told me there would be math.
  • Tom: Yellow is more of a "wizard" color anyway.
  • Alex: Say it? I can't even pronounce it!
  • Alex: Well for decades sound editors have been trying to break the "g-g-g-g barrier"...
  • Tom: It was his wife's casserole being thrown against a bear.
  • Pete: Can we talk a little bit about Anakin's wit? Alex: <quickly> No. Tom: His what? Alex: Yeah, if you see any, tell me.


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