Attack of the Clones Minute 19: Karate Schools

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December 8, 2016


Anakin turns up a side street, zooming up several small passageways, then stops, hovering about fifty stories up.


Jim O'Kane



  • The chase continues.
  • We see a glimpse of Zam's true face.


  • Referenced: "19" by Paul Hardcastle, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.
  • Shoutout to the hosts of Wrath of Khan Minute.
  • The power coupling seems to have no impact on our heroes, our on their speeder. They could have further called back to Phantom Menace.
    • Why even have it in there?
  • Reused effect shot (4 times in this minute alone).
  • Guitar sound.
    • Who was responsible for this sound effect/score change?
    • Music is a little different in this scene, which is nice.
  • Zam Wesell tongue twisters.
  • Compare and contrast this scene with the speeder bike chase from Jedi
  • Referenced: American Grafiti, Ring theory.
  • Star Wars race video games - this scene would make a perfect installment, but it was not to be.
  • Coruscant air traffic control.
    • Call to EU writers to fill in missing detail.
Jim's AOTC memories
 His Airport Minute co-host Mark got them tickets to see it two days before opening night.
 He was seated behind Howard Stern's entourage, who were doing their own version of MST3K the entire time.
 He found the notes he took about Zam Wesell. She falls between Darth Maul (killed off too quickly) and Ric Olié (useless, overhyped before the film).
 She's not very good at her job.
  • Referenced: The "Naked Gun" films.
  • When Zam pulls down her veil, was this supposed to be a reveal?
    • Or a personal or cultural thing?
  • Action figures aimed at girls.
  • Zam was played by Australian actress Leeanna Walsman.
  • Anakin's plan is rife with problems.
  • Vertical stratification on Coruscant.
    • Four thousand feet down is where the middle-class people live.
    • The farther down you go, the worse things get.
  • Evidence against the Ring theory.

Meta Minute

  • 28:52 podcast episode length.
  • Although both are described as porcine humanoids, Ugnaughts and Gamorreans are not at all related and come from different planets in completely different sectors of the galaxy. Ugnaughts are from the planet Gentes, which is actually in the Anoat system.
  • Plug for The Rocketeer Minute.
  • Support the Show!


  • Jim: It's nice to be part of the cavalcade.
  • Pete: Wait, it's going to ruin Attack of the Clones?
  • Alex: It's the whistle of the Wesell vessel.
  • Alex: I know we have a lot of Australian listeners, so maybe they're like, (in an atrocious Australian accent) "Of course she was on... the barbie show." You know Australians and their barbies. Pete: We had a bunch of Australian listeners.
  • Jim: Thank God for physics.
  • Alex: Staring... at a lake.


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