Attack of the Clones Minute 21: One-Minute Car Crash

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Example of the "Exploding Console of Doom" from Star Trek.


December 12th, 2016


Just as the dragster is about to nose dive into the ground, Zam pulls it out, and it slides hard on the pavement in a shower of sparks. Anakin goes flying into the street.


Steele Saunders



  • Glimpse of Zam's true face.


  • Callback to minute 9, and the line "My goodness you've grown.
  • Why does Zam's face change in this minute? Is it a break in her concentration?
    • Pete's theory is that she has body image issues, and is forced by society to change her face, so no one sees the real her.
  • What is Anakin actually trying to do with his lightsaber?
  • Anakin and Obi-Wan both showing off to impress the attractive (appearing) female Zam.
    • Human bias favors a pretty face.
  • Yet another reference to "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel.
  • The fire started by Zam's blaster is quite gentle (bordering on romantic) and very unlike the exploding consoles in Star Trek.
    • Blaster sounds are taken from TIE fighters?
  • Are there other fires started by blasters in Star Wars? See below.
  • Droid extra features and upgrades.
  • Discussion of Obi-Wan's skill in lightsaber-catching. Is he using the Force?
  • Mentioned: Yarael Poof
  • Referenced: Staring at the French horn.
  • Amazingly, the Mongo Beefhead Tribesman is a thing.
  • Why do the alien costumes in the Prequels fail to recapture the look of aliens in the Original Trilogy?
  • There is a marked difference between Anakin's and the Speeder's impact speeds.
  • It's a bad time for Coruscant fashion.
  • Easter Eggs in Star Wars movies.
  • Shoutout(?) to Ben Burtt

Meta Minute

  • 31:08 podcast episode length.
  • SWMLS member Hunter pointed out that in ROTJ, an AT-ST sets a fire using its blaster.
  • Speaking of Easter Eggs, here's a link to a video which shows the X-wing and TIE fighters that Steele mentioned.
  • Zam Wesell is a Clawdite. They are a species of shapeshifting reptilian humanoids evolved from reptomammals, according to Wookieepedia. The reptile face we see in this minute is in fact her true form.
That changeling tuchus.

  • Pete and Alex appeared on episode 26 of Steele's podcast STEELE WARS.


  • Alex: Zam Wesell's vessel.
  • Pete: When Jar Jar Binks gives you a look... It's like gasoline to the fire of disturbance.
  • Steele: It's Jedi hitchhiking at its very worst.
  • Steele: Does Greedo count? Pete: Always.
  • Pete: Calamari with a problem.
  • Steele: <to Alex> Spoken with the arrogance of someone who's never made pie.
  • Pete: Give me four dozen cantina aliens, twenty Greedos— Steele: And a large latte.
  • Steele: I'm a very disappointed Genie right now.


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