Attack of the Clones Minute 22: Backdoor Kenobi

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December 13th, 2016


Ahead, Zam turns in through a door and disappears. A nightclub sign is flashing over the door.


Steele Saunders



  • Very concerned Rodian.
  • The Outlander Gambling Club.
  • A lot of practical model work in this scene.


  • Anybody can claim to have been an extra in a mask.
  • Debate over who played the stormtrooper who hit his head on the Death Star.
  • How does Zam NOT get away? She is a changeling with a huge head start.
    • She was going into a nightclub, and so she didn't change her appearance because she wanted to look her best.
  • Referenced: Jaxxon and Hedji from the Marvel Star Wars comics.
  • Coruscant city planning and real estate.
  • Shoutout to Grant Imahara, formerly of Mythbusters.
  • Actors are still on green screen - they don't get to interact with the models.
  • How does Obi-Wan know Zam is hiding and not running? The nightclub has plenty of exits .
  • Conflict with this scene and Old Ben's recollection of Anakin as a cunning warrior and good friend.
  • Obi-Wan gets a crazy good parking spot.

Meta Minute

  • 26:44 podcast episode length.
  • Star Wars #8 was discussed on SWM:WE.
  • Coruscant is 12,240 km (7605.5 miles)[1] in diameter. As a comparison, the Earth is 12,756 km (7,917.5 miles) in diameter.
  • Steele's STEELE WARS pick of the day is episode 34 with guest Angus Truskett.
  • Contact the show
  • Call 8-DAY-GREEDO


  • Steele: He does look like his hat could make spaghetti. Which is the sign of any good hat.
  • Pete: If anybody asks, we were great friends, ok?


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