Attack of the Clones Minute 26: Infomercial

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R.I.P. Yarael


December 19th, 2016


The vast Jedi Temple sits on an endless flat plain, silhouetted by a against the traffic-filled sky.


Crystal Beth



  • Our first look at the new Jedi Council.
    • Jedi master Coleman Trebor
    • Oppo Rancisis
    • Yarael Poof is no longer on the board.
  • This whole scene is just reused extra footage from The Phantom Menace; the only new footage is of the people talking (Mace, Yoda, Anakin, maybe others).


  • Lucas thought that Yarael Poof looked too much like the Kaminoans (who we'll meet later) so they digitally replaced him with Coleman Trebor.
  • Mentioned: Coleman Kcaj
  • Referenced: Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • The EU says Yarael Poof died prior to the Battle of Geonosis, but maybe he isn't dead; maybe he got caught in a revolving door and has just been trapped all this time.
  • Why did the Jedi Council break up the Obi-Wan—Anakin team?
    • Maybe Sheev orchestrated this? It would make more sense to have Obi-Wan go to Naboo with Padmé.
  • Mace makes all the bad decisions.
  • Ring theory: Anakin and Obi-Wan separating may echo the gang being broken up in The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Alex famously has not listened to a single episode of STAR WARS MINUTE. Maybe Lucas never watched The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Mentioned: Pete, edit that out.
  • More bad planning: why is Padmé going to Naboo? Isn't that the first place you'd check if you were an assassin? Also, who are these refugees? More on this later.

Meta Minute

  • 22:48 podcast episode length.
  • Two weeks ago was an All-Star Week of Movies by Minutes podcasters. Crystal is a perennial MxM guest host (she's been on pretty much every single one so far) and launched her own Movie by Minutes, The Fifth Eleminute on December 26th, 2016.
  • Vurk such as Coleman Trebor most closely resemble the crest-headed duck-billed dinosaur Parasaurolophus, though this dinosaur was much larger (the skulls of larger individuals are as long as a grown man is tall) and was most likely quadrupedal.


  • Crystal: Oh my gosh you're blowing my mind right now!
  • Alex: (re: Lucas) "Like Stalin"
  • Pete: Sheev's evil. "Sheevil".
  • Crystal: It's Samuel L. Jackson's fault.
  • Pete: (In a stage whisper) Don't tell Alex he hasn't appeared on anything since season 2. Crystal: Well I wasn't going to tell him that but apparently he's gonna know. Pete: (still pretending to whisper) No that was me whispering.


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