Attack of the Clones Minute 27: Marriott

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December 20th, 2016


Mace Windu and Yoda walk down the long hallways, silhouetted by a lit room at the end.


Crystal Beth



  • Starts with Sheev congratulating Anakin on his patience paying off; ends with Yoda decrying that arrogance is an increasing problem.
  • First time Sheev and Anakin appear alone together in the movies.
  • Scene in Sheev's office goes from blue to red.
  • Back-to-back strolling scenes.


  • In-depth discussion of Anakin and Sheev's relationship.
  • Wait, how do you pronounce actor Ian McDiarmid's last name?
  • The decor of Sheev's office - 70s vibe, like a Marriott hotel in need of some updates.
  • The hallway in the Jedi Temple cgi looks unfinished, like pre-viz animation. It's unbelievable (in the sense of the opposite of believable").
  • Anakin and Padmé's celebrity couple name.
  • Discussion of the Jedi policy (Prequels vs. Original Trilogy, Jedi vs. Sith) on "feelings".
  • More of Yoda as the "superlative standard against which all Jedi are judged".
  • Are there Jedi janitors? Do they use the Force to clean that hallway? How about to change light bulbs?
  • Yoda's floaty chair 👎
    • Yoda should be carried around in a backpack by one of the interns. Why does he need a floating chair?
  • We want to see more sassy Yoda (like from The Empire Strikes Back).
  • Callback: Ahmed Best (Jar Jar) was the stand-in for Yoda so the other actors could have eyeline.

Meta Minute

  • 25:52 podcast episode length.
  • The word Alex is struggling to remember is "rendering".
  • In the Clone Wars cartoon, Anakin and Ahsoka are able to levitate each other to prevent them from falling.


  • Alex: If you're listening to this in the past, it's not up yet, but if you're listening in the present, it's good to go.
  • Pete: He [Sheev] really is... A Phantom Menace. Crystal: Hah! Alex: (resignedly) The end.
  • Pete: The Jedi Council's not barren—it's celibate. (note - Pete is in rare form today!)
  • Crystal: [The hallway] is like the cleaner brighter Moria <from The Lord of the Rings>
  • Pete: Yoda is the Wayne Gretzky of Jedi.


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