Attack of the Clones Minute 30: Nothing Happens on Naboo

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December 23rd, 2016


A small bus speeds toward the massive freighter docks of Coruscant's Industrial area.


Crystal Beth



  • Even more cut dialogue. Anakin: still whiny, but works to establish Anakin and Padmé's relationship.
  • Anakin stands on his "I am grown up" line.
  • And still more cut dialogue: levity, while Dormé is concerned.
  • Refugee outfits.


Anakin creepy.gif

  • Transition from Whining to romancing
    • Is this just how Lucas' mind works.
  • Ring theory(?): Luke and Anakin "It isn't fair".
    • Pete's judgement is that this doesn't count as a direct quote.
  • What is Dormé doing? Taking inventory?
  • Meant to echo Han and Leia ("I like nice men")? It didn't hit that mark.
  • When Padmé tells Anakin he makes her uncomfortable, it's a strong moment.
  • Private bus?
  • If you stopped watching now, you'd never guess that they had a romance later.
    • We're 20% the way through this movie and Padmé has so far expressed zero interest.
  • Alex always assumed that part of Anakin's fall to the Dark Side would involve him using his Force powers to mind trick Padmé into loving him. This would be the crime at the center of his being.
  • Moral discussion.
    • At a certain point people are responsible for their bad choices.
    • Referenced: Walter White from "Breaking Bad".
  • In Star Wars, when you hide, you hide in plain sight.

Meta Minute

  • 26:06 podcast episode length.
  • 8-DAY-GREEDO call from New Zealand on how to pronounce New Zealander names.
    • Jay Laga'aia's last name is pronounced like La-Gaia
    • Temuera Morrison's first name is pronounced like Tee-moo-EAR-a.
    • They are of Samoan and Maori descent, respectively.
  • The Fifth Eleminute debuts Monday!
  • "Lampshading" in film refers to deliberately calling attention to something implausible in the story that might disrupt suspension of disbelief and derail the action, and then moving on[1].
  • Alex's theory about Anakin mind-tricking Padmé was discussed in a previous episode.
  • The bus that Padmé and Anakin arrive on is called simply (and we are not making this up) an airbus (not to be confused with Airbus).


  • Pete: ...analyze, scrutinize, and the-bus-arrives... Crystal: Ahh!
  • Pete: (As Anakin) "I'm not whining! I'm not!"
  • Pete: ..."lampshading the whininess," which could be the name of this episode, if not this season.
  • Crystal: (As unit director) Anakin, can you be a little sultry?
  • Pete: What do you think of my "padawans"?


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