Attack of the Clones Minute 31: Podme

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December 26th, 2016


Anakin and Padmé, dressed in Outland peasant outfits, get up and head for the door where Captain Typho, Dormé and Obi-Wan are waiting to hand them their luggage.


Kelly Anneken



  • Starts with the bus dropping Animé off at the depot, and ends with Padmé admitting that she's suddenly afraid.
  • Refugee gown.
  • First time "May the Force be with you" is heard in this movie.


  • Padmé's outfits, and other costumes on the Prequels.
  • Headpieces vs. headdresses.
  • Padmé's made up refugee backstory.
  • Joel Edgerton and Rose Byrne.
  • How to pronounce Padmé's name?
    • The explanation of different accents in Star Wars.
  • The fate of Dormé. Dormé Lives!
  • Padmé sounds like a young girl making bad decisions.
  • She's not so creeped out that she doesn't want to go on a long vacation with Anakin.
  • Other Jedi protectors that could have gone with Padmé.
  • Kelly did not remember seeing this movie the first time, and hasn't rewatched it until now.
  • Her (somewhat unorthodox) rank the movies.
    • She's a sucker for female protagonists and Hutts.
    • She loves Ewoks.
  • Plug for SWM on social media.
  • Fan2Sea cruise.

Meta Minute

  • 25:18 podcast episode length.
  • The EMP is the Experience Music Project in Seattle, and includes the science fiction museum.


  • Pete: Where are your 'Refugee Gowns'? Kelly: On clearance.
  • Kelly: Take a shot, everyone... if it's legal for you to do so.
  • Pete: Dormé-vous.
  • Kelly: Joel and Noel—that's heinous.
  • Kelly: Nerds listen to this podcast? <heavy sarcasm> I'm shocked.


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