Attack of the Clones Minute 32: Gaslighting the Gaslighter

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"Ya want some Jawa juice??"


December 27th, 2016


Obi-Wan comes to a kind of alien diner. On the steamed-up window it says “DEX’S DINER” in alien lettering. He goes inside.


Kelly Anneken



  • Starts with Anakin and Padmé walking off to start their life together, and ends with Obi-Wan accepting an offer for a cup of Jawa Juice.
  • Iris wipe.


  • There is a pilot driving the bus.
  • Why does R2 come along? As a chaperone?
    • Is it just to get it so he can hang out with Threepio again?
  • Hayden Christiansen's acting choices.
  • R2-D2's reaction to Anakin's quip. Maybe R2 is in the market for a new master.
  • "The gang" is together again.
  • Artoo implanting the dreams into Anakin's head to make him return to Tatooine.
    • Gaslighting the gaslighter.
  • The Jendirian Valley.
  • Flying machines in Sci-Fi generally aren't aerodynamic.

Dex's Diner

  • Reminder: Dex's Diner is in CoCo town.
  • 50's aesthetic all throughout - Med'soto style = anagram of Modesto, CA.
    • Mentioned: American Graffiti.
  • Goofy, but in all the wrong ways.
    • Ruins suspension of disbelief.
  • Rumors that he puts drugs in his food to get people addicted.
  • FLO
    • WA-7 service droid.
    • Voiced by Susie Porter, who also appears as the other waitress (two characters in one scene).
    • Jawa Juice—what is it? A euphemism. Bantha hide mashed with fermented grains - (Note: Eww!)
      • Are Jawas known throughout the galaxy? It's a small universe.

Other Notes

Meta Minute


  • Kelly: (from Artoo's Craigslist ad) ...bonus squeals at your discretion.


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