Attack of the Clones Minute 38: We're the Jedi

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January 4th, 2017


There is a brief pause. Then a child puts its hand up. Yoda nods.


Riley Silverman



  • Starts with the activation, and ends with the deactivation, of the map viewer. In between there is some map viewing.


  • This star map doesn't seem that useful.
  • The whole system is missing.
  • The answer to Obi-Wan's conundrum is super obvious, and Yoda already has the answer, so he uses it as a teaching tool instead of just telling him.
    • Obi-Wan's blind faith in the sanctity of the Jedi archives.
  • The complacency of the Jedi.
    • Similarities to the decline of the Mongolian Empire.
  • Ben starts Luke off at the five-year-old level of training.
    • He should have asked him the same question about the missing planet to see what he could come up with.
    • Jedi Billy Madison.
  • The planet that he is looking for has disappeared. This keeps happening to Obi-Wan.
  • Kindly Prequel Yoda vs. strict crotchety Yoda in Empire.
    • Yoda is impatient with Luke because Luke is older, and because Yoda has seen the worst-case scenario if the training goes poorly.
  • Apparently, Jedi graduate when they've murdered somebody.
  • Obi-Wan as the point of view character for the Prequel trilogy, particularly in earlier drafts of the script.
    • Callbacks to the decision to increase the size of Qui-Gon's part in TPM.
    • Referenced: The Princess Bride.
  • Shoutout to former guest Dan Telfer.
  • Incredibly organic plug for the Vitruvian Dexter Jettster shirt, available at
  • This scene is visually interesting, and saves us from another walk-and-talk.
Riley's Prequel memories:
  She saw TPM twice, and AOTC two or three times in theaters. She tried to convince herself that TPM was good.
  Saw AOTC at a midnight showing in Ohio. People were driving by with lightsabers screaming.
  At that time she had a green lightsaber. The one she has now is blue, and she got it from her friend who was Chris Hardwick's assistant.
  She hasn't re-watched the movie in a long time, but is still fond of the end fight scene.
  She remembers seeing it a second time with her nephew. He was scared when Zam Wesell's face changes and wanted to leave, but Riley wouldn't let him, as she felt he was too old to still be getting scared in movies.

Meta Minute

  • 23:09 podcast episode length.
  • The glowing ball in the center of the map is the Deep Core. Stars are clustered much more densely as you move toward the center of galaxies. In real astronomy, this region is very creatively known as "the bulge".


  • Riley: That's where I get my yoga.
  • Pete: (doing his Yoda) Smarter than a fifth grader, are you?
  • Pete: You [Luke] blew up a pianist, so I guess you can graduate.


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