Attack of the Clones Minute 45: Creepy Swallow

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January 13th, 2017


Padmé becomes aware that Anakin is looking at her.


Joseph Scrimshaw



  • One of the most iconic minutes of this movie.
  • Starts with Lama Su leading Obi-Wan to go check out the clones, and ends with Anakin extolling the virtues of Padmé.
  • The wipe to Naboo goes counter to Obi-Wan's movement.
  • Paddy Accu.
  • Villa retreat dress/gown (outfit 6).


  • One of many cut scenes would happen before the Anakin-Padmé scene.
  • The meaning behind the scene wipe.
  • Space gondola
    • Alex does not care for it. Mentioned: I care.
  • Guess the names of Padmé's family members.
    • Her father has a lady's name? Naboobians don't understand how names work.
      • Sheev is also from Naboo, so presumably that's where his name comes from.

I don't like sand

  • Cornier things have been said in film, and have been accepted.
  • Padmé is the one who brought up sand.
  • Anakin would have no dating experience.
  • Anakin can't relate to normal childhood stuff like swimming and having friends, but he can relate to sand.
  • He does the classic improv mistake of immediately shutting her down (as opposed to "yes, and")
  • Since water is so scarce on Tatooine, people probably just relieve themselves on the sand.
  • Line delivery is stiff, making everything awkward and creepy.
    • Creepy swallow between "soft" and "smooth". On paper this is a comedic bit.
  • The line is often misquoted as "I hate sand".
  • The other cut scene, in Padme's bedroom.
    • Anakin's concept of "home". He hates where he came from (represented by sand), where he was a slave.
      • He feels out of place.
      • As a Jedi, Anakin helps people all across the galaxy (who have it better than he did growing up), but he can't free his mother.
  • Sudden pivot from talking about sand to kissing. There's no buildup.
  • Anakin, as a mechanic/tinkerer, would dislike sand because it gets in the machinery.
    • It gets everywhere" is the gross part of the dialog.
  • Padmé talking about lying on the beach—foreshadowing Anakin lying on a lava "beach"?
  • Hayden Christensen carries the kernel of Vader darkness in every scene, and it doesn't mix well with romance.
  • Anakin getting bad dating advice, especially from Palpatine.
    • Obi-Wan has game, but he doesn't teach Anakin his techniques.
  • Joseph Star Wars role-playing with his wife.
    • Can this dialog be said in a non-creepy way?
  • Call the 8-DAY-GREEDO hotline.

Meta Minute

  • 29:01 podcast episode length.


  • Joseph: I like the Prequels. Even. This. Minute.
  • Joseph: He [Palpatine] was first 'sheeved' on Naboo itself.
  • Pete: I don't like sand. There's poop in it.
  • Joseph: (as Anakin) You are beautiful, and with your consent I'd like to touch you.
  • Alex: Someone on the SWMLS board— Pete: <interrupting> You mean the Star Wars Minute Listener's Society, on Facebook? Alex: Exactly.


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