Attack of the Clones Minute 46: Lose Yourself

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January 17th 2017


Anakin kisses Padmé. She doesn't resist. She comes to her senses and pulls away.


Ricky Carmona



  • Starts with Anakin caressing Padmé's shoulder, maybe thinking about making some babies; ends with Obi-Wan touring the facility where they are literally making babies.
  • THE kiss.


  • Anakin's stalkery vibe.
  • Comedy of the music swelling and then falling off as she pulls away.
    • Alex remembers this getting a laugh when he saw it in theaters.
    • It's the classical music version of a record scratch.
    • Was this Lucas' intent?
  • Lucas' focus on the visuals over the dialog.
  • Ring theory: C-3PO interrupting Han and Leia when they finally kiss the first time.
  • Issues with the acting/directing.
    • Mentioned: Punch-Drunk Love.
 Pete tells the story of a friend directing a student film.
  The actors didn't have good chemistry, so the director had the actors shout the lines at each other to develop an emotional connection.
  The next couple of takes were much better.
  • Alex sympathizes with Natalie Portman having to kiss Hayden Christiansen, knowing she didn't enjoy being in these movies.
  • Good actors giving bad performances or, conversely, doing a good performance in bad movies.
  • More cut dialog: Padmé used to go watch the local glass maker.
    • She was afraid that if you look too deeply into the glass, you would lose yourself.
  • Hayden's delivery of "I'm sorry".
  • Is Padmé unsure about what she really wants, or is she just playing hard to get?
  • She genuinely thinks it's wrong to do this. Why, specifically?
  • Is Palpatine Force-manipulating the situation?
  • Lucas assuming that we know the story, so he doesn't need to tell those parts, or maybe forgetting to write parts of the story that are in his head.

Meta Minute

  • 27:42 podcast episode length.


  • Ricky: I'm so glad you are not murderers. Alex: <Nemoidian accent> You assume too much.
  • Pete: She [Padmé] had to be her own C-3PO.
  • Pete: (as Natalie Portman) Can you, like, warp me to another dimension so I don't have to do any more of this?


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