Attack of the Clones Minute 47: Cool Clones

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January 17th, 2017


Lama Su conducts Obi-Wan through a large eating area.


Ricky Carmona



  • Starts with Lama Su saying he knew Obi-Wan would be pleased, and ends with Lama Su saying "Oh, we keep him here..."
  • First time we hear the name "Jango Fett".


  • Clones can think creatively, yet they are less independent. Is this a contradiction?
    • Droids we've seen seem to also be able to think creatively (example: Bounty hunter droids).
  • Clones individualizing their appearance, such as in the Clone Wars cartoons.
    • The one clone who looks up from his meal.
    • What it would be like growing up where almost everyone looked exactly like you.
    • Clones all moving to Florida together to retire.
  • What do we think about reintroducing Boba Fett into the Trilogy?
  • The hosts may not care for the movie as a whole, but they like the clones and Kamino stuff.
  • Clone trooper training on Kamino.
    • Hard wired "Danger Rooms"
    • Mentioned: X-Men.
  • Blatant exposition drop, but this time, it is better because someone is being given a tour.
  • A lot of important things happened ten years ago. Did anything happen five years ago?
  • All the clones talk like Jango Fett/Temuera Morrison. Why? That's not usually how accents work.
    • Maybe they're learning from instructional tapes made by Jango.
  • What would happen if Boba got mixed into the general clone population.
  • Ewan McGregor emerges from the Prequels with charisma intact.
    • Is this because he was playing a character that was beloved in the Original Trilogy.
  • Lama Su's sinister delivery of "Oh, we keep him here." We expect them to be doing something terrible to Jango, like hooking his catatonic body up to a bunch of machines.
  • The phrase that sums up the movie: "Awful kisses and cool clones."
  • Plugs for the Star Wars Minute Listener's Society and thestarwarsminute on instagram.
  • Ricky is on an internet blackout at the moment.

Meta Minute

  • 21:58 podcast episode length.
    The part we're looking at is the detachable observation gondola.
  • The thing that Alex refers to as the Enterprise (Star Trek reference) looks more like an Intrepid-class starship, such as the USS Voyager. It is actually a Kaminoan Observation ship.
  • In The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren makes an offhand comment that the First Order should have used a clone army, rather than human stormtroopers such as Finn. This is one of only a handful of explicit references to the Prequels in the film.
  • Pete and Alex went on the Disney Star Tours ride, and then talked about it for an Episode of SWM:WE.


  • Pete: Everyone's wearing the same body.
  • Ricky: I'm pickin' up what you're putting down.
  • Ricky: This movie needed more tours. Alex: Star Tours! That's it!
  • Alex: (As Lucas) Kathleen, I want to buy it [Lucasfilm] back.


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