Attack of the Clones Minute 54: Space Ducks

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January 26th, 2017


The dessert is some kind of fruit. Padmé picks up her fork and goes to spear a piece, but it moves!


Matt Belknap



  • Starts with Ducks landing, and ends with Anakin and Padmé cozy by the fire.
  • Iris transition.
  • Second movie in a row where ducks are shown.
  • First and only appearance of Teckla Minnau.
  • New Padmé outfit (8th): Dinner dress (with and without shawl).
  • Anakin's pear-lifting music.


  • The wipes as a Star Wars signature. Could other movies do that now?
  • Referenced: That deleted scene where Luke didn't know what a duck was.
  • Callback to Rehtul Minnau, Nathan Hamill's character from The Phantom Menace.
  • What is this fruit? It has the consistency of a baked potato.
  • Anakin regales Padmé with tales of police brutality.
  • Padmé is impressed and in awe of Anakin's trick that rates a zero on the charm scale. Good acting Natalie Portman!
  • Why is this scene in the movie?
    • George Lucas' ideas about how romance works. He probably put far more effort into how to get the clones made than he did into the romance.
    • The love story could have been told in a montage.
    • Depth to the characters (or lack thereof).
  • Padmé would have plenty of opportunities to get out of spending time alone with creepy Anakin, so on some level she must want to see where this leads.
  • Costume talk, especially for Natalie Portman. Say what you will about these movies, the costumes are great.
    • 10 outfits for all of Phantom Menace.
  • Shoutout to Tony Thaxton. Matt was on Feliz Navipod.
    • Matt was on two consecutive flights with Bruce Vilanch, who was a writer on The Holiday Special (one of his first credits).
  • Cut to the romantic fireside setting.
    • Pete remembers laughs in the theater at this transition.
    • It's like both actors are awkwardly waiting for the scene to start, and someone forgot to tell them it already did.
      • It would be nice if they had some bit of business or action to carry us into the scene.
    • More steamy romance tomorrow.

Meta Minute

  • 22:21 podcast episode length.
  • Rogue One used a single Iris wipe to the closing credits, however, it also used a large number of match cuts to transition to the next scene[1].
  • According to Wookieepedia, the things that we saw in TPM were not ducks but Pelikki (pronounced like pelican). The birds we see here are actual ducks. There is a third aquatic avian species on Naboo called a Quadduck which has four legs for some reason.
  • Ian Fraser did the music for the Holiday Special. His other notable music credits are for Scrooge (1970) and Zorro: The Gay Blade (1981).
  • Although we never see anybody who is obviously intoxicated in Star Wars, they did film a PSA about drunk driving using Star Wars characters.


  • Matt: It's a very pregnant moment. NO PUN INTENDED. <under his breath> She's not pregnant yet.
  • Matt: <Whispering> Space ducks.
  • Pete' <Incredulously> They take a duck and scramble it around?
  • Pete: Jedi are a thing.
  • Matt: (as tough, Brooklyneese Lucas) "The fruity stuff. Get the fruity stuff in dere."
  • Pete: Don't go straight from this to the Holiday Special, you might hurt something.
  • Pete: The steam really hits the fan tomorrow.


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