Attack of the Clones Minute 57: Opera

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January 31st, 2017


Obi-Wan stands with Lama Su and Taun We just inside the open door.


Jacob Sirof



  • Starts with Padmé saying that she will not give in to this, and ends with Obi-Wan saying he won't forget.
  • Alternative take from Padmé: "I will not throw my life away..." Harsh.
  • This is the first time he suggests openly flouting the Jedi code.


  • Padmé can't be with Anakin because she's a senator. What's that got to do with it?
  • The quality of Hayden Christiansen's acting
    • "We'd be living a lie, could you live like that?" Anakin: "Yeah!"
    • Mentioned: Kentucky Fried Movie (1977).
  • Jacob heard secondhand that Hayden and Natalie got together during the filming, but at some point things ended badly.
    • Referenced: Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford's affair.
    • If this is true, it's odd they don't have more on-screen chemistry.
      • These movies are more like Opera, with a certain theatricality.
  • Anakin mind-tricking Padmé into loving him.
  • Anakin started out not just as a good guy, but a guy out to do the right thing.
  • Lucas experiencing heartache.
  • Obi-Wan on Kamino
    • Differences from the script: the noir storyline starts here rather than ending here.
      • Discussion of the noir aspects.
    • Repeated call for a Obi-Wan black and white detective film.
 Jacob's Attack of the Clones memories
  His Phantom Menace Number is 13, but he saw Attack of the Clones a whopping 21 times in theaters.
  When he saw it in IMAX, they cut 25 minutes from the film, including most of the love scenes because IMAX movies were limited to 2 hours.
  He would never watch any fan edits because that's like telling George Lucas how he should have made his movies.
  • Both Miles Davis and George Lucas constantly evolving as artists, rather than repeating themselves.
    • Lucas responding to fan criticism.
      • Cutting *NSYNC out of the movie.
    • The Prequels as the biggest independent films ever made.
  • Jacob will be back tomorrow.
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Meta Minute


  • Jacob: If only people cared...


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