Attack of the Clones Minute 63: Metal Mushroom

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February 8th, 2017


Locked together, OBI-WAN and JANGO FETT plummet down toward the raging ocean.


Ralph Attanasia and Asterios Kokkinos



  • Starts with Jango dragging Obi-Wan, and ends with Jango laboriously climbing his way back up the Metal Mushroom.
  • Jango's jetpack flies off.


  • Fetts and jetpacks.
  • Boba Fett tattoos.
  • Jango pushes the "kill Obi-Wan button". Why didn't he try that first?
    • Referenced: Ra's al Ghul and The League of Shadows from the Batman comics.
    • Jango could have used the arm blades earlier when they were hand-to-hand fighting or when they were tied to each other.
  • Boba Fett is the chronically accident-prone Mr. Magoo; Jango is Inspector Gadget.
  • Ring theory: Luke swings on a rope and does flips in Empire around these minutes.
  • The physics of the situation.
  • Big Fish, and horrible fish puns.
  • What if Obi-Wan already was a cyborg?
    • When you go to Jedi Heaven, you get all your parts back and you get to choose your age.
    • Special vs. theatrical edition Anakin Force ghosts.
  • Mentioned, Scaramanga, The Man with the Golden Gun, James Bonding.
  • Ralph very thoroughly ranks the Star Wars movies.
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Meta Minute

  • 23:46 podcast episode length.
  • The titular golden gun used Dumdum rounds, soft or hollow-pointed bullets designed to expand upon impact, causing a bigger wound and expending more energy in the body of the target[1].
    • Regular bullets, normally being made of lead, are poisonous to humans. The golden gun's bullets, which were 23 carat gold, were actually less toxic than normal bullets.
  • Tom Baker, who voiced "The Bendu" on Star Wars Rebels is better known as the fourth Doctor from "Dr. Who".


  • Asterios: You better gosh darn believe I am!
  • Asterios: Obi-Wan's like, "I'm gonna kill us both."
  • Ralph: They're the "anti-ferro-fungal-falling" fins.
  • Asterios: (as Jango) I got a rule: I'm only allowed to use every gadget I got once.
  • Ralph: (as Jango as Inspector Gadget) Whoa! Sliding down the thing. Go-go Gadget Batman arm! (normal voice) And it's, like, to no avail. I'm not going anywhere with this. Somebody, bail me out Alex!
  • Alex: (à la TR-8R) TRAITOR.
  • Both Alex and Pete: House's butt?


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