Attack of the Clones Minute 65: Wheel Theory

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All part of the wheel theory.


February 10th, 2017


Anakin and Padmé ride a rickshaw through the streets.


Ralph Attanasia & Asterios Kokkinos



  • Starts with Animé landing in their silver spaceship, and ends with Watto seeming to recognize his former slave.
  • New Padmé outfit: Tatooine cloak and attire (#10).


  • Referenced: They Live (1988)
  • Why don't the guys record all five episodes in one sitting (as opposed to coming back each day)?
  • Much love for Steele Saunders. He's so cool; he's like the opposite of Asterios and Ralph.
  • Asterios does more impressions.
  • Space Jimmy Smits in Rogue One.
  • How Toydarians stay up in the air.
  • More of Ralph's Propulsion Problems (R.P.P).
    • Referenced: "O.P.P" (Naughty by Nature).
    • The Robo-rickshaw floats but has to be pulled by a robot with wheels.
      • Very few vehicles in Star Wars have wheels.
    • Floating engines vs. forward momentum engines.
  • The Rickshaw driving robot
    • RIC-920 general labor droid.
    • Referenced: 420.
  • Characters named 'Data' in The Goonies and Star Trek.
  • Mentioned: Pete the Jawa, referenced: Revolution 9.
  • Constant changing of outfits for female characters in the Prequels.
    • Compare to Leia's outfits in the Original Trilogy.
Outfit Film
1 Classic double bun Star Wars
2 Medal Ceremony Star Wars
3 Hoth The Empire Strikes Back
4 Bespin The Empire Strikes Back
5 Bespin escape The Empire Strikes Back
6 Medical suite The Empire Strikes Back
7 Boushh Return of the Jedi
8 Slave Return of the Jedi
9 General Return of the Jedi
10 Forest Return of the Jedi
Padmé had more outfits in TPM alone than Leia had in the entire Original Trilogy
AOTC wattos necklace.png
  • Watto's hat.
    • Reference to Luke's Gilligan hat.
  • We love Watto, and it's hard to see him covered in flies. This is some of the best acting in this movie.
    • He should be in the film more.
    • His character arc was complete last movie, so what is he doing in this movie?
  • Buy Asterios' book Toys '4' Cheap.
  • Call 8-DAY-GREEDO, and review the show on iTunes.

Meta Minute

  • 36:17 podcast episode length.
  • Edward James Olmos is back.
  • Wheeled vehicles in Star Wars are known as "groundcars". The Juggernaut was a type of canonical groundcar. Although wheeled vehicles are rare, wheeled droids are common, as R2 droids propelled themselves with wheels.
  • Misquoting that famous line from The Empire Strikes Back as "Luke, I am your father" is an example of the Mandela Effect.
  • The origin of R2-D2's name comes from the filming of American Graffiti. Apparently, in-universe, his name means "Second Generation Robotic Droid Series-2" [1].
  • Rickshaws were invented in Japan, circa 1869. The first known use of the word 'rickshaw' was around 1887.
  • The ninth Padmé outfit was brought up in minute 60.


  • Asterios: looks like they hit your [Ralph's] face with a brick, and then they took the brick that had some of your face on it and just finished it off on my face.
  • Asterios: (in dreadful imitation of an Aussie accent). Put anotha Prequel on a barbie. Cuz I'm gonna roast these films. Roastery-dostery doo, mate.
  • Pete: (singing) ♪ Part-time Krampus
  • Alex: Is that a [real] wheel theory?
  • Alex: I would never joke about an Eopie.
  • Pete: ...No. I am your fart-horse.
  • Alex: (Paraphrasing Short Round) <robot voice> NO TIME FOR LOVE DR. JONES. GET ON BOARD.
  • Ralph: It was gonna be one of my weird labyrinthine jokes that takes forever and doesn't pay off so you just go ahead and shout about something. Asterios: That's my whole life.
  • Ralph: Anything I was going to say has been swept away by this tide of madness.
  • Asterios: I'm trying to assign any meaning to a meaningless shapeless void!
  • Pete: It's always nine-twenty somewhere.
  • Ralph: Don't let the guys from Alphabeatical find out you're doing their material. Pete: That's alright, they're on hiatus; they won't ever find out.
  • Ralph: They're [Pacithhip legs] tiny. They're about the size of this—nobody tell them how big I indicated.


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