Attack of the Clones Minute 75: Under the Cloak

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Disturbing, yet...disturbing.


February 23rd, 2017


ANAKIN takes off across the desert. PADME watches him go.


Meredith Woerner



  • Starts off with sad Padmé (Sadmé) and ends with Ani riding off in his speeder at suns set.
  • NOT a new Padmé outfit.


  • Padmé's hair. She probably has a droid to do it, and that droid would of course have a sassy accent.
  • Referenced: Bill Clinton.
Padme did nothing.jpg
  • Lengthy discussion of the shot where it's just Anakin and Padmé's shadows.
    • Alex is pro, Pete and Meredith are firmly con.
  • Speeder bikes vs. Swoops
  • Meredith ranks the movies. Spoiler-free hinting about Rogue One, which had just come out and which Pete and Alex had not yet seen.

Meta Minute

  • 29:18 podcast episode length.
  • This is actually the 15th week of their coverage of AOTC.
  • The repulsorlift vehicle "borrowed" by Anakin is a {{{2}}} bike owned by his step-brother Owen, although the terms "speeder bike" and "swoop bike" are sometimes used interchangeably, and swoops are sometimes considered a subset of speeder bikes.


  • Meredith: Living the now, everybody. Harass me; don't @ me [on Twitter].
  • Meredith: I like her [Padmé's] travel buns.


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