Attack of the Clones Minute 77: R.S.R.s

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February 28th, 2017


OBI-WAN arrives at the head of the trail.


Hal Lublin



  • Starts and ends with Obi-Wan skulking around Geonosis.
  • First appearance of the magnificent Christopher Lee as Count Dooku.


  • Pete's stupid joke from yesterday. Referenced: Peter Gabriel from the band Genesis.
  • Other times that Obi-Wan skulks around. Parallel to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
  • Obi-Wan is like a UN weapons inspector—shouldn't he be reporting this? Or taking any action at all?
    • Ewan McGregor is normally a bright spot in these movies.
  • We're not looking forward to the upcoming droid factory scene.
  • It's been ten years and Nute Gunray is still walking around talking about treaties.
    • Mentioned: Snow White.
      • Nute Gunray is a head guy and shows it in how he decorates his office. Using human body parts as office supplies.
      • Or he's just really into phrenology.
  • Count Dooku and Obi-Wan don't seem to sense each other.
    • Other times that Force users feel (or fail to feel) each other's presence.
      • Nobody suspects Palpatine.
    • Using the WiFi signal as an analogy. Maybe you need to be actively using the Force to show up each other's radar.

The magnificent Christopher Lee

  • Iconic film guy and an interesting human.
    • Legit tough guy/war hero, swordsman, polyglot, Tolkien scholar.
    • Filming Lord of the Rings concurrently with these movies.
    • Was in James Bond, played Dracula like half a million times and also appeared in Gremlins 2 as well as Airport.
      • Was not in Garfield but we'd love to hear what that would sound like.
  • Other great British actors and how they connect to Star Wars.
    • It's odd to see someone with such gravitas interracting with these CGI caricatures.
Hal remembers seeing the trailer for this movie and assumed that it had to be better than Phantom Menace. Then when he finally saw it, it was just two hours of his face falling.
He saw this movie once in the theaters. He took his wife to see TPM in 3D after warning her that it was the worst of the Prequels, and she loved it and wanted to see the others.
His experience of seeing TPM in the theater was similar to seeing Crystal Skull years later. Hal has a friend who was a Prequel apologist for a long time but eventually came around on them on his own.

Meta Minute

  • 25:58 podcast episode length.
  • Although now legends, an artificial heart was mentioned in West End Games' Cracken's Rebel Field Guide sourcebook.
  • The original video that Pete mentioned about the Bee Movie is no longer available, but you can find other copies online.
  • The movie Alex is thinking of is most likely The House of the Long Shadows (1983).
  • "Dooku" count this episode: 7


  • Pete: be fair, this is the second secret army [Obi-Wan has] found today...
  • Alex and then Hal: <impressions of various emotionally needy battle droids>.
  • Hal: "I won't believe she's dead until you bring me either an organ or an entire body part—let's go with head..." Alex: Yeah head is better than heart because [...] you'd totally be able to see her...bored stiff face.
  • Pete: I don't know the terminology of phrenology. Hal: Nobody does. Not even phrenologists.
  • Pete: You've got a Force request from "D. Vader". Alex: He'd like to add you to his Force network. Hal: <Skype ringtone noises>
  • Hal: <doing a pretty decent Christopher Lee impression> (as Garfield the cat) I love lasagna.
  • Pete: Ugh. I'm just imagining something good standing next to me.
  • Alex: We'll have some more Geonosh— "Geonauseous" action tomorrow. Hal: I'm feeling geo-nauseous...


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