Attack of the Clones Minute 80: Ghorfas Syndrome

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March 3rd, 2017


SHMI'S eyelids flutter - and barely open. They are caked with blood.


Hal Lublin



  • Starts with Anakin reassuring his mother that he's here, so she's safe, and ends with her uttering her last and dying in his arms.


  • Everyone has their name as their website except Alex.
  • She's definitely not safe; now they're both in danger.
  • Shmi didn't let Anakin know about her whole new family.
  • The weird brain chemistry change that happens when you become a parent that makes you cry at commercials makes this scene ever so slightly compelling.
  • Our favorite and least favorite minutes in all of Star Wars.
  • Creepy suggestive overtones in this scene. Unfortunate parallels to the Anakin-Padmé firelight romance scene, and the Anakin nightmare scene that followed.
  • The quality of Hayden Christiansen's acting.
  • Referenced: The Ring.
  • "I love—"
  • The "Star Wars: Clone Wars" Mortis story arc.
  • How Anakin was conceived and what role, if any, Palpatine played. That's what Shmi said!
  • Hal's rankings, and general Star Wars thoughts and memories.
    • Comparison with Pete and Alex's rankings.
    • How the films were impacted by being re-released as Special Editions as a bellwether of their quality.
  • The impact of watching Sith on viewing Star Wars.
  • Mentioned: Vaderade, Moisture Vaporators.
  • Plug for

Meta Minute

  • 31:58 podcast episode length.
  • Good estimate Hal (or should we say Hal 9000?) this episode is the 601st movie minute covered, and the 614th episode overall on the main feed.
  • Despite the ironclad verbal contract that comes with anything said on a podcast, as of April 2020, neither Alex nor Pete has appeared on We Got This.
  • There really are parasites that can change personalities and even sort of "mind control" people or animals.
  • Famously, due to the 5 minutes of screentime per week format, the " 'I love you.' 'I know.' " from The Empire Strikes Back was split over not just two episodes but two separate weeks, with "I love—" on Friday and "you" on the following Monday. Will this minute follow suit? Tune in Monday to find out!
  • The Son is only disguised as Shmi, he did not summon her ghost or anything like that.
  • When it first came out, Pete saw The Phantom Menace 12 times.
  • "The Venture Bros." would return for a seventh season, but not for another year and a half. Hal come back for the next season.


  • Pete: ...analyze, scrutinize, and Shmi dies...
  • Alex: LUBLIN!
  • Pete: Podname Amidala.
  • Hal: (as Anakin) So, you didn't tell me about your new husband.
Alex: My step-dad.
Hal: I met my brother and his girlfriend. What's that about? Don't you dare die on me! You could've written me a letter once you were free. I didn't even know about this. I'm here getting this rat tail in space. You're starting a whole new family. Guess you don't need old Anakin anymore 'cause you g—you got Owen. Owen *scoffs* whatever [...] He'll probably just get killed by some stormtroopers one day. See you later!
  • Alex: face is clenching in horror.
  • Hal: If you're going to accept Ring Theory, you kinda have to go all the way. Alex: Not a good choice of words. Hal: Nope! Certainly not. As soon as I said it, I regretted it. Full force!
  • Pete: He's literally...taking care of his demons. There they are...standing around. <Ghorfas accent> "Hey that guy's got a sword."
  • Hal: a weird 'will they or won't they?' with his mom, but then she dies so they won't. Or maybe they will! We don't know what happens after he attacks those <Ghorfas>.
  • Pete: Shouldn't have licked that bloody hand that we found outside.
  • Alex: (making a wild speculation) ...presumably when Luke dies in Episode 8


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