Attack of the Clones Minute 83: Voice Mails

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March 8th, 2017


OBI-WAN comes running back to his ship and climbs into the cockpit.


Paul Scheer



  • Starts off with Obi trying to contact Ani via R4 radio and ends with R2 fiddling with a radio.


  • This week is a pretty decent part of the movie.
  • Obi-Wan is using the 'find my friends app'.
    • He gives up on reaching Anakin really quickly.
  • Conversation (continued from yesterday) about Yoda checking his voice mails) and getting caught up on the events of the previous films.
  • The Star Wars-themed land at Disney.
  • Criticism of the backgrounds. It's very "Sears photo studio".
  • No one is acting with anyone.
  • Ahmed Best vs. Andy Serkis.
  • What droid would you want?
  • Theories on George Lucas as a filmmaker. He's a technician first.
  • "Flow" bi-Wan Kenobi. Obi's hair in all the movies.
    • Anakin's hair is a bummer.
  • Paul's theory that Artoo is a dummy. He's very impulse-based.
    • Does Artoo recognize Yoda in Empire?
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Meta Minute

  • 21:38 podcast episode length.
  • Pete has expressed his enthusiasm for widespread video voicemails on a number of occasions.
  • The Star Wars land and the Carousel of Progress are both concurrently located at the Disney Magic Kingdom theme parks.
  • Alex, we don't know if you knew this, but the term "gypped" is actually a racial slur against the Romani people (also known as gypsies).
  • This is the 617th episode in the main feed.


  • Pete: she's like a weird mermaid; that the top is a droid and the bottom is a spaceship.
  • Paul: How'd you get it to go backwards? Pete: I'm a magician.


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