Attack of the Clones Minute 86: I Hate Them!

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March 13th, 2017


ANAKIN hurls the wrench across the garage. It CLATTERS to the floor.


Tony Thaxton



  • Starts with Anakin throwing a wrench in frustration, and ends with him sitting down after confessing to mass murder.
  • The Emperor's theme, which blends into the Imperial March for a bit.
  • I hate them!


  • Tony has not seen Jumper.
  • Tony is a returning champion. He's been on every season, Weekend Edition, and a live show.
  • Padmé doesn't understand why Anakin would be upset. She grew up as part of the aristocracy and she's not in touch with her emotions.
  • Up until now Padmé has kept Anakin at arms length, but only after he kills a bunch of people does she start showing an interest.
  • What Hayden Christiansen has been up to.
  • Pete's theory that, in Star Wars, the Stormtroopers aboard the Falcon were just knocked out (not killed).
  • Discussion of the music in this minute. It's very appropriate for the scene. Comparison to the use of Duel of the Fates used two weeks ago.
  • Anakin still hating things as Vader.
  • Referenced: Noodles from The Offspring.
  • The significance of having this scene take place in the iconic Lars garage.
    • This is where Anakin and Padmé first start to really connect (for some reason), and this is the place that the Luke first becomes aware of Leia (the children of this relationship) years later.
    • C-3PO as the "unwanted third child" (despite the fact that he is the "older brother"). Callback to the cut scene of Padmé finishing his outer covering.
  • Anakin is both racist and chauvinist against the Native Tatooiners.
  • Hayden's acting during this scene.
  • Plug for

Meta Minute

  • 22:20 podcast episode length.
  • Although he had been on several missions prior to this, according to Canon, Anakin had not killed since the Battle of Naboo, and this was his first confirmed kill in hand-to-hand combat. In Legends, however, he's had plenty of kills by this point.


  • Tony: Are we counting worms? Pete: Are we counting worms, or are we doing a podcast?
  • Pete: (as Vader) ...and no disintegrations. I HATE disintegrations.
  • Pete: (as an all-too-eager Padmé) Yes? What about the dogs? Did you kill the dogs?
  • Alex: "Tantrumtastic".


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