Attack of the Clones Minute 91: Flying Foxes

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"INTJ", does that stand for "INtro To the Jedi"?


March 20th, 2017


JAR JAR steps forward from the back of the group.


Chrysanthe Tan



  • Starts with Anakin, Padmé, C-3PO and R2-D2 taking off in the silver spaceship and ends with a Geonosian warrior standing at attention.
  • Cut Palpatine dialog.
  • Noise made by Geonosians is composed of flying foxes mixed with the sounds of mating penguins.


  • Ask Aak's voice is different(?) (note: see below)
  • Chrysanthe is a Prequel sympathizer.
  • Very minor change from the script. Things getting lost in translation.
  • Palpatine is so great but so viscerally creepy. He's the only one in the scene who has any agency.
    • Is Mas Amedda ("Palpatine's assistant") in on his boss' long con?
  • Jedi mind trick vs. Sith mind trick.
  • Extra scenes on the Blu-rays.
  • Jar Jar is in way out of his depth and is playing right into Palpatine's hand.
  • Lots of crosscutting in the film. Pete would rather spend more time following each individual thread.
  • Doing the movie in multiple chunks or an extra edition extended cut (à la Lord of the Rings).
    • Cut out each storyline and watch them separately, opposite of the Godfather Saga.
  • More cut dialog and how many Jedi they have on hand. Palpatine is sneaky in finding out how many there are.
  • Which Star Wars planet would you like to live on?
    • Chrysanthe's home Wi-Fi network is "Naboo".
  • What our hipster band names would be.
  • The sounds in this minute. Mentioned: Ben Burtt.
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Meta Minute

  • 20:49 podcast episode length.
  • Pete got it on the second try. The guy with the nerd-sounding voice is Aks Moe, a different character (of the same race) than Ask Aak. Aks Moe's big line is in minute 89 of The Phantom Menace.
  • Wookieepedia lists Ask Aak's line the same way it does in the subtitles as opposed to the script.
  • Also according to Wookieepedia, Mas Amedda was the vice chair of the Senate. He eventually became aware of Sheev's alter ego and plan to take over the Galaxy, and helped to concentrate and consolidate the power of the Emperor.
  • It was revealed in an episode of Rebels that prior to the Great Jedi Purge there were approximately 10,000 Jedi across the galaxy, still not that many considering the size of your average galaxy. Of these, 212 Jedi were part of the strike team that fought in the First Battle of Geonosis plus Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Anakin.
    • Only about 30 of these Jedi survived.
  • Although some of the Cold War-era economic and travel restrictions on Cuba were lifted by the Obama administration, these were all reinstated during the following presidential administration right around when this episode aired.


  • Alex: Dangerous and disturbing, this mystery is.
  • Pete: I would never want to encounter a bear that looks like that.
  • Chrysanthe: (to Pete) So what you're saying is that you really wish this movie were longer.
  • Alex: I'll never look at mating penguins the same way again.


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