Attack of the Clones Minute 93: Darth Maul's Diary

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March 22nd, 2017


COUNT DOOKU is tall, elderly, and saturnine, with beautiful manners.


Chrysanthe Tan



  • Starts off with Count Dooku saying he could've used Qui-Gon's help in all this. It ends with Dooku about to reveal something about the viceroy of the Trade Federation.


  • Dooku wanting Qui-Gon's help. What kind of help? To hold him back (as a conscience) or to join him. Parallels Kylo Ren on the bridge with Han during TFA.
  • Dooku's plans and goals at this time.
  • Dooku is a return to the bad guys engaging in banter.
  • Rank your darths.
  • The Jedi council are kind of stodgy jerks.
  • Do we think Qui-Gon would have sided with Dooku? Yeah probably, at least in principle.
  • Dooku is being totally honest with Obi-Wan; he does have a point.
  • Parallels with Luke and Vader on Bespin: "that's not true. That's impossible."
  • This scene as black box theater.
  • Backstory
Chrysanthe saw it in Cyprus, California where she grew up. Everyday their mom would ask if the tickets were on pre-sale yet but they were the only family in the whole town that were asking.
The owners of the theater wanted to give them their premier tickets but Chrysanthe's mom said they couldn't take them because they had orchestra rehearsal.
When they did end up seeing it the film burned during the Yoda-Dooku lightsaber fight. It's like a CD with a scratch in it that skips at the same point in the song every time.
Chrysanthe was indescribably delighted watching the movie. She read the Homing Beacon fan newsletter.
Chrysanthe was not a big toy person but got the Jedi haircut and braid.
  • Star Wars is one big saga so it's hard to rank individual movies.
  • Chrysanthe's Phantom Menace Number.
  • Chrysanthe loved Force Awakens, especially Rey's hydrated dinner roll.
  • Machete order vs. release order. Different viewing orders with Star Wars newbies.
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Meta Minute

  • 28:05 podcast episode length.
  • Luke in The Last Jedi agrees with you, Chrysanthe, that the rigidity of the Council was their downfall.
  • "She sure can hydrate a dinner roll" is a reference to the Roll Call of Heroes.


  • Pete: The 'sizzling handcuffs'. You can order that at Denny's...


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