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From Dueling Genre Productions, Back to the Future Minute was the daily podcast that celebrated & analyzed the Back to the Future trilogy one minute at a time.

The podcast was released Monday through Friday with 345 episodes finished to date, completing the entirety of 1985's Back to the Future, 1989's Back to the Future: Part II, 1990's Back to the Future Part III, and Back to the Future: The Ride. It ended in the Fall of 2017.


Scott Carelli and Nick Jimenez


Episodes featuring Pete & Alex

  • BTTF Minute 61 – Ox versus Fox
  • BTTF Minute 62 – The Shins Of Dave McFly
  • BTTF Minute 63 – Darth Vader of Vulcan
  • BTTF Minute 64 – Professors, Producers and Gasoline
  • BTTF Minute 65 – The Neapolitans
  • Part III Minute 106 – Polaroid House
  • Part III Minute 106 – Polaroid House
  • Part III Minute 107 – All Star Gan‪g‬
  • Part III Minute 108 – Gratuitous A-hole‪s‬
  • Part III Minute 109 – Ghost Trai‪n‬
  • Part III Minute 110 – Shining Twins Statio‪n‬

Episodes featuring Alex

  • Part II Minute 89 – Fighting Word

Episodes Featuring Pete

  • Part II Minute 31 – Taxi Parrot
  • Part II Minute 32 – The Horror of Jennifer Parker
  • Part II Minute 33 – A Pile of Clothes
  • Part II Minute 34 – Pizza Night
  • Part II Minute 35 – Flea-ridden