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November 17th, 2014


The hosts chat with the leader of the Rebel Force Band about life, Star Wars, and “Living In These Star Wars”.


Dan Whitley
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  • Interview intro:
    • Interview with the honorary third Star Wars Minute host - Dan Whitley.
    • Hosts researched "The Rebel Force Band" and then contacted Dan.
    • Album can be found and purchased via
  • How Dan got into the business and his early experiences.
    • Had contact with Capitol Records and a few independent album labels in Los Angeles.
    • Was influenced by a number of different mentors and musicians in the music business in the 70s.
  • First saw Star Wars at a San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles) drive-in.
  • (Dan says that "The Rebel Force Band" is flattered that the podcast is using their music.)
  • Dan was introduced to Star Wars by a friend who had started writing "Living in These Star Wars", the song that inspired the album.
  • How the project developed and his son's major influence on it.
  • Sound effects on the album were not sourced from the movie directly - they were created in a variety of different ways.
  • Dan created a list of song titles for the album and then shared them with a range of other musicians to develop the tracks.
  • Project was largely done for fun, as a joke and expense write-off.
  • Sequel albums were considered but not done due to lack of funding.
  • Brilliance of George Lucas as a movie-maker.
  • There has only ever been one live performance of the album by the band.
  • Singles off the album were handed out at the premiere of the movie.
  • Original album cover art was changed following contact from the 20th Century Fox legal department (which ultimately did not go anywhere).
  • Potential for follow-up albums.
  • Album walks the line between making fun and having fun.
  • It turned out that Dan and his friends did live in these Star Wars in Los Angeles in the 70s.

Meta Minute

  • 45:25 podcast episode length.
  • Podcast intro:
    • Another Bonus podcast episode.
    • The hosts will be back for real in January to discuss Return of the Jedi.
    • Promotion of:
      • The Alphabeatical podcast.


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