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December 1st, 2014


The hosts break down the teaser trailer for The Force Awakens.


Hosts only.


Scene 1

  • No branding at the start of the trailer.
  • Starts on a sandy, desert-like planet. Is this Tatooine?
  • We hear a voice (Andy Serkis) - "There's been an awakening..."
  • Then a stormtrooper - played by John Boyega - is shown. Notably it is a new style of stormtrooper outfit and he is not wearing a helmet.
  • Pete likes things in the trailer that are just updates on old Star Wars things.
  • Pete's complicated relationships with the Prequels.
  • Why are there still stormtroopers and what else has happened in the intervening years?
  • There is a lot of Star Wars mumbo-jumbo in the voice-over. Pete points out that there is more to Star Wars than just Jedi.

Scene 2

  • A rolling droid on sandy ground.
    • Is this droid feasible in the real-world? Or is it just a CGI character? (note: see below)
    • The droid is a possible alarm bell that the movie may be too "cartoon-y".

Scene 3

  • More stormtroopers.
  • Old things are being redesigned.
  • A lot of camera movement. Too much or visually interesting?
  • The potential scope and direction of future Star Wars movies.
  • Pete dreams of a movie dedicated to Greedo.

Scene 4

  • Back on the desert planet with an actress named Daisy Ridley on a clunky looking speeder-bike.
    • The speeder-bike looks like a "fudgicle". Probably not a good idea on a hot, desert planet.
  • Cool details in this scene:
    • The "long rifle" like Luke's in A New Hope (note: it's actually just a staff).
      • The base looks like Darth Maul's lightsaber.
    • Her goggles are re-purposed stormtrooper visors.
  • There has to be a garbage planet at some point in Star Wars.
  • Is she the offspring of Han Solo and Princess Leia?
  • She is racing towards the same location as the droid so they must be related in the story.
  • Could they be misleading us in the trailer? By showing shots that aren't actually in the movie (Note - This became a minor controversy in regards to the Rogue One trailer).
  • Referenced: The trailer for Real Genius.
  • Is the fudgicle plausible?
  • Two major characters have already been shown in the trailer.
  • A leaked piece of concept art was almost exactly this shot which shows that at least some of the leaks have been accurate.

Scene 5

  • A classic Star Wars-style scene and Pete's favorite part of the whole trailer.
  • Actor Oscar Isaac as a Rebel pilot.
  • Shows an updated design of the Rebel helmet.
  • Aurebesh writing on his vest. It is upside down and reads "Pull to inflate" (i.e. it's a life vest).
  • Everything to do with the rebels still has the "lived in" look while the Republic looks shiny and new.

Scene 6

  • Then a modernized X-wing is shown - from Blue Squadron.
  • Every leaked element is being used in the trailer.
  • The X-wing is flying in an atmosphere and over water with the wings locked in the attack position.
  • There are Ben Burtt sound effects all through the trailer.
  • A John Williams music score is also heard.
  • Alex is looking forward to another space battle / dogfight.
  • How tension is created in modern movies versus older movies (e.g. Prequels versus Original Trilogy).
  • Will there be Y-wings in Episode VII?

Scene 7

  • On a snowy forest planet.
  • A good place for a lightsaber battle <Note - great prediction>.
  • Will there be a lightsaber planet in Episode VII?
  • We see a Sith-looking guy - dressed in black, has a cape and a red lightsaber. All the classic Sith things.
  • The lightsaber has a buzzy, static electricity look to it and also has two mini side lightsabers as a handguard.
  • The internet has been a-buzz about this weapon.
  • Another step towards the gun that shoots lightsabers.
  • Is a handguard on a lightsaber useful?
  • Maybe this guy is just a lumberjack.
  • Perhaps there is a boom in new designs and technology in the Star Wars universe following the fall of the Empire.
  • Hopefully there will be a "Nerd's Cut" of Episode VII in which everything that has happened since the last movie is explained in a huge Wikipedia entry that is included in the opening scroll.
  • Sith guy:
    • Alex's thought was "Oh, these guys again."
    • More Jedi versus Sith.
    • Maybe it's not what it seems in the trailer.
  • What will The Force Awakens be shortened to? Force; Awakens? Episode VII?
  • The trailer does not refer to Episode VII at any stage.
  • Modern movie naming and numbering.
  • A character from EU - Roblio Darte - had a lightsaber similar to this one.

Scene 8

  • The Millennium Falcon appears.
  • Lots of "moving camera" shots. Like in a Star Wars video game.
  • Modification to the Millennium Falcon - a new square radar dish because the previous one was knocked off in escaping the second Death Star.
  • What other details will be changed on the Falcon?
  • Maybe this isn't the Millennium Falcon - it might just be another freighter.
  • Will the Falcon be destroyed in Episode VII.
  • Then the closing title.
  • Support the Show.

Other Notes

 Speculation by Pete:
  The Daisy Ridley character IS the offspring of Han and Leia.
  The desert planet is not Tatooine.
  There are TIE fighters present so the Empire is still around.
  Everything in the trailer is from Act 1 of the movie.
  Han and Leia's daughter is out rummaging around.
  Sees that the Empire is invading.
  Races home to Han and Leia to warn them.
  Han throws her the keys to the Falcon and tells her to get out of here.
  It is her that is piloting the spaceship as it is being chased by the TIE fighters
  Boyega's character is part of the invading Empire force.
  He has no idea how Mr. Sith or Blue Squadron fit into this.
 Speculation by Alex:
  Mr. Sith is at the North Pole of Endor.
  Daisy Ridley's character is Han and Leia's daughter.
  She has gone back to Tatooine to find Ben Kenobi's papers.
  The desert planet is definitely Tatooine.
 General speculation:
  The movie will be two hours long.
  It will end somewhat resolved but will setup the next movies.
  Old Han will be seen.
  Referenced: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
  The old characters will only be seen for a short period of time in the movie.
  Will there be Force ghosts? Yes - Obi-Wan played by Max von Sydow.
  Referenced: Flash Gordon
  Actor Adam Driver will be a bad guy - Mr. Sith?
  What if Mr. Sith is actually Luke?
  There is no Wedge in this movie.
 Internet response to the trailer"
  The Internet has been ablaze.
  Joseph Scrimshaw tweeted that the lightsaber is weird and that Andy Serkis has been well cast as the weird lightsaber.
  What will Andy Serkis's role be in the movie?
  Christian A. Dumais said that the trailer needs more Ewoks.
  What happened to the Ewoks?
  Chris Radtke tweeted that he hasn't felt this way since the trailer for The Phantom Menace.
  That is, the movie could be good and could be bad.
  Mike Dawson agreed with this by saying "[sic] fool me once; you won't fool me again".
 Final comments:
  The teaser trailer is pretty good overall.
  There will be at least two more trailers released
  The hosts are cautiously excited.

Meta Notes

  • 1:18:43 podcast episode length.
  • Everyone on Earth has seen the teaser trailer at the time that this podcast episode was recorded.
  • A special bonus episode.
  • Although the Popsicle® company brand-name fudge popsicle is called the "Fudgesicle®", "fudgicle" isn't incorrect.


  • Pete: <In regards to a potential Greedo movie> I dream of that every night.
  • Pete: It's Hoth mixed with Endor - it's Hendor.
  • Pete: Well Ja... I almost said Jar Jar Abrams.


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