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Both of our hosts and several SWM guests have been tuckerized into the official Star Wars canon. Default sort is by level of "canonicity" (see SWM:WE 101). Most information was from this SWMLS post: [1]

For a list of people (crew, friends of George Lucas, etc.) tuckerized in the films, see: Lucasian anagram.
Real Name Name in Canon Class of object Canonised by Canonised in First mentioned
Pete The Retailer Peet Deretalia Character Chris Eliopoulos SaBBotage (mini-comic with Poe Dameron #1) SWMWE 56
Chris Eliopoulos Kris Elioup Character Charles Soule Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith 10 R1 57
Pete Mummert Admiral Mummert Character Chris Eliopoulos (mini-comic with Darth Vader #1) SWMLS post
Matt Gourley Lund Gourley City Ben Acker and Ben Blacker Join The Resistance #1 SWMWE 101
Asterios Kokkinos Asterios Planet? & Base Chris Eliopoulos {{{2}}} (mini-comic in Star Wars #25)
Alex Robinson LX-Robynsun V Base Chris Eliopoulos Droid Dilemma (mini-comic in Star Wars #25)
Tony Thaxton Duns thackston Species of bird Ben Acker and Ben Blacker Join The Resistance #1 SWMWE 101
Josh Flanagan Fla'Nagan system and planet Jhosh Star system and planet [Legends] Chris Eliopoulos Age of Resistance Special 1 - Robot Resistance R1 61
Both our hosts Peet N'Alex Character Jordan White Star Wars #5 (unnamed appearance); Twitter (named). (Which episode?)

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