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Guest commentators Dan McCoy, Stuart Wellington and Jenny Jaffe help us analyze 1984's ‘Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure’ Live as part of NYC SuperWeek. A family crash-lands on Endor, and the parents get captured by the Gorax. Their children must team up with the Ewoks to rescue them.


Dan McCoy, Stuart Wellington, and Jenny Jaffe



  • Originally aired November 25th, 1984.
  • Different naming conventions.
  • Theatrical release in Europe.
  • Narrated by Burl Ives, the voice of the Holidays
  • This movie was somehow the second-highest rated ABC movie of the year.
  • Stereo simulcast on some radio stations.


  • It couldn't be any clearer that "Endor" is really Northern California.
  • During the show, the hosts attempted to dim the house lights, but it was either all or nothing, leading to a momentary blackout. They ended up choosing to keep all lights on.
  • Pete was surprised by the inclusion of the picture of Stuart's wife as a child, who kinda sorta looks like Cindel.
  • The slide of Wicket dancing on the table is an animated .gif, and they just let it go for a while.


  • Stuart: Night falls on the moon of Endor. Pete: For those of you listening at home, everybody just went blind
  • Jenny: He [the Gorax] just looks like Klingon Hagrid.
  • Pete (as Burl Ives): "Deej will find his sons using this skin glider"
  • Jenny (as Cindel): "Do YOU have Space Cruisers?" Pete (also as Cindel) "That's not a Space Cruiser! That's a horse!"
  • Pete: That's how you get special fluid!



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