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The Ink Banthas show is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ink Panthers podcast. It was a kind of proto-STAR WARS MINUTE hosted by Alex and featuring (at that time) future SWM host Pete and future guest Josh Flanagan and served as an inspiration for Pete and Alex to start their own podcast focusing exclusively on Star Wars. As a lifelong Star Wars nerd, Alex, would periodically bring up Star Wars on normal episodes of The Ink Panthers, which generated strong feedback (both positive and negative) from Ink Panthers fans. To appease the haters, he made the decision, while his usual co-host Mike Dawson was unavailable, to quarantine the Star Wars talk into special episodes and thus the Ink Banthas show was born.
The show had three installments from April to November, 2012. Episodes I and II are available from The third "lost episode" is only available through the STAR WARS MINUTE feed.

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