Empire Minute 95: Chewie Freaks Out

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May 23rd, 2014


Realizing what is about to happen, Chewie lets out a wild howl and attacks the stormtroopers surrounding Han.


Klee Wiggins



  • Starts in the carbon freezing chamber with Vader walking down the stairs getting ready to commence operations; ends with Leia saying "I love...".


  • This is one of Alex's favorite minutes in the whole movie and all of the star wars movie.
  • What does Leia love?
    • Sandwiches.
    • Boba Fett's rocket launcher.
    • Chewie's fighting skills.
  • The hosts determine that the six Star Wars movies <as at the time of the podcast episode> should be called a sexology <relevant to SWM:WE listeners>.
  • What's the deal with the arm bands on Han Solo? Are they effectively arm-cuffs and does he also have hand-cuffs - or han-cuffs?
    • These keep him in proper position for the freezing process.
    • Is he wearing these when he is released from the carbonite? (editor's note: no, he's definitely not wearing them!). Perhaps they dissolve when exposed to carbonite.
  • Boba Fett repeats his query regarding what happens if Han doesn't survive.
    • Vader is respectful and will compensate him if anything goes wrong.
    • Klee says that Boba Fett wouldn't actually care - he is ice-cold. Boba Fett is a better character in the books than the movie.
    • The empire must have a slush fund for paying off bounty hunters. Is this spending overseen by an independent government body?
  • Han, Chewie and Leia are marched in without knowing what is going on - what did they think was happening?
  • Do the stormtroopers - if they are still clones at this point - know who Boba Fett is and how important he is to them?
    • According to the books some do and some don't.
    • There should have been an additional scene in the movie between a stormtrooper and Boba Fett - similar to the scene between Luke and Darth Vader - in which the stormtrooper's true clone origins are revealed by Boba Fett.
  • There is a nice camera shot of Han and Leia in the foreground and Vader and Boba Fett in the background - shout out to Irvin Kershner.
  • Vader makes a funny physical arm/hand gesture when he tells them to put Han into the chamber.
  • Chewie freaks out as Han is about to be put into the chamber - just like a dog would.
  • There is an abandoned subplot for the movie in which Chewie was going to be resentful of Han's and Leia's relationship.
    • This would have made this scene even more powerful.
    • It's like Han is giving his life debt to Leia and this conveys to Leia that Han really cares about her.
    • This must really steam Chewie. He is about to be rid of his life debt but it is then transferred to Leia.
    • However Chewie abides by this and totally helps Leia.
  • Leia is very affected by this sequence. She is almost hiding behind Chewie and doesn't know what to do.
  • There is a Wilhelm scream by one of the stormtroopers as he is thrown by Chewie off the stage into the "orchestra pit".
  • C-3PO is not ready to die - but he was basically was dead a few minutes ago.
    • How much more damage can C-3PO take before he is dead dead?
    • C-3PO doesn't have that sort of damage memory.
  • Boba Fett is about to shoot Chewie but Vader stops him - why?
    • Vader doesn't want things to get out of hand and messy before Luke arrives.
    • Vader doesn't want C-3PO destroyed because he is sentimental for the droid that he built.
    • He might need Chewbacca for later tests of the freezing process.
    • Wookiees are delicious and they might want to eat him later.
  • Harrison Ford wanted Han Solo to die in the carbon freezing process.
    • The hosts agree that Han should die in a heroic movie way - like in a hail of gunfire.
    • Pete says that it would be funny if Han did die in episode 7 by falling off a balcony or slipping in the shower.
    • If Han did die in the freezing process that would have changed the start of Return of the Jedi A LOT!
  • The hosts agree that this is a great minute.
  • Thanks to and from Klee for the week.
    • She would have a lot to say in any Boba Fett minutes of Return of the Jedi.
    • Klee admires Boba Fett and likes the rap song about him, "Fett's Vette" 2000px-Parental Advisory label.svg.png.

Meta Minute

  • 19:48 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call. Chewie freaks out and Han calms him down by saying that Chewie has to take care of the princess. As a kid the caller didn't realize that it was Han speaking - due to the filming angle that was used - and thought it was an Imperial Guard that was following standard Imperial regulations regarding appointing someone to take care of official representatives.


  • Pete: <As one stormtrooper speaking to another while looking at Boba Fett> Hey, that guy looks like your Dad.



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